Monday, July 27, 2009

Accessories gain strength in downturn

An accessories firm is defying the economic downturn by producing a selection called 'Prosperity' determined to identify potential in the current marketplace.

"We've taken a positive out of a market that could go either way," said 1260 Chic designer/director Sonya Hildred-Ward.

The 'Prosperity' selection includes Australian-designed belts with flowers embossed on the buckles while she also promoted the bag selection as longer lasting due to its construction from leather.

"We listen to our clients to see what they're after for a point of difference whether it's, for example, seeking a 1940s or '50s look," she said.

"Our pieces have detailed buckles, stud work and stitching."

She claimed natural products were gaining more interest from consumers increasingly keen to minimise their carbon footprint.

"We haven't got any polyurethane in our product," she said.

Hildred-Ward gained her experience in fashion working with womenswear label Ashley Fogel label in New Zealand for 14 years employed in a variety of roles from pattern drafter through design, production and management.

She said her career had spanned wholesale and retail as she was keen to find out more about how people make purchases.

"A lot of boutiques want something that is different," she said.

"We don't do huge units, we do smaller units and offer different styling, we don't make thousands of one style."

Meanwhile, the firm ( offers stock service and promotes itself as capable of replenishing merchandise within one week.

"Retailers are not buying on indent as much but they want immediate stock when needed," she said.

"Their order can be processed through our agent and within one week, they can have new stock in their store."

Hildred-Ward said a high priority was to increase awareness about the label as the firm had started in business in February last year.

released: Monday, July 27, 2009

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