Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Basket Origin

Just where do 1260 Chic source many of the gorgeous baskets offered? A small Moroccan village of approximately 300 people located in the Essaouria Province where the art of weaving baskets is the community’s main source of income. The business is a family oriented activity, based out of each artisan’s home or communal area, including both men and women.

With continued trading in Morocco, 1260 Chic are able to support independent family businesses and co-operatives. Our continued business enables artisans to move from income insecurity and poverty, to economic development self-sufficiency and ownership.

Take a look at our baskets on offer and remember how you can help support our artisans.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Green to Go

Our environmental 'foot print' is always something that 1260 Chic are ever conscious of. We can be passionate about the environment without strapping ourselves to a whaling ship.

Going green is not as simple as it sounds and goes well beyond finding a good steady supply of eco-materials or textiles. 1260 Chic wanted to ensure its eco-friendly tag is more than a marketing catch cry and reinforce maintainable practices across design and production. 1260 Chic French-styled baskets are sourced from Morocco, which is still a very traditional society. Our market baskets are made from natural Palm Leaf and created in a traditional and environmentally-friendly manner.

Eco-friendly baskets are the 'eco chic' way to define personal style for the 'eco-minded' fashion consumer wanting to go green.